2010 Teams


Team numbers for the Triangle Area Youth Soccer Association (TAYSA) are confirmed. Edenwold will have a team in each of the following age divisions:
  • 6 & Under
  • 10 & Under
  • 12 & Under
  • 14 & Under
  • 18 & Under
In the two older age groups, we will be welcoming players from neighbouring communities to our teams in order to ensure all TAYSA-area players can play. We receive the same consideration in other communities - with our players being welcomed to their teams when we are unable to field a home team (as is the case for our 16&U players this year).
It will take some time to get all players in place, particularly during the Easter break period. Coaches will not have full team rosters until later in April. If you're eager to get started - check our some of the videos on the At Home or Drills pages, grab a ball and get practicing!

Got Questions?


DId you notice the page links in the dark bar across the top of the page? Check out the pages for information on the season, links to rules and fair play codes of conduct.

We've also pulled together some videos from YouTube to give players - and coaches - some good ideas to get ready for the season! They're separated by age group, and include some that you can try at home on your own.

Finally, don't miss the Forums area. You can talk to others, leave a question or share some links to some of your favourite soccer info.

Enjoy the site. And let us know if you have suggestions for additions or changes.


Registration time!


Hurry, hurry ... don't be late! Registration forms are due Tuesday, March 30. Registrations after that date will be subject to available room on the team. Registering on time helps ensure we can field our own local teams. Thanks for your prompt response!
Registration Form - 6&U to 12&U
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Registration Form - 14&U to 18&U
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