A big thank you to the individuals and families who came out to help clean up the Sports Grounds on Sunday.

Thanks to:
  • Daryl, Jessie, Jordan, Justin and Josh W.
  • Nicky S.
  • Glenn and Reece F.
  • Kathy and Brook H.
  • Paula and Amanda K.
  • Christine and Regan G.
  • Anthony C., Tieran, Ireland, Callie, Tayler and Rylee,
  • Sandi, Sydney and Stuart H.
  • Scott and JC J.
  • Sherry, Ted and Austin N.
  • Belinda and Ryan W.
  • Dean and Luella J.
  • Lee, Chelsea and Jensen W. & Lindsay R.
If I've missed anyone, let me know. We really appreciate your help! Safe fields and clean and inviting grounds make the tournament more enjoyable for all.

Thanks to the snow over the weekend, home games in Edenwold were cancelled on the first night of the season. The weather forecast for the rest of the week isn't great, but we all know they've been wrong before.

Seen on an Edenwold fan's Facebook wall: "Time to get the winter coat, mitts and blanket out......... its soccer time!!!" So true. And then come the mosquitoes ...

P.S. Save June 13th on your calendars now. It's clean-up day at the sports grounds. All soccer families are encouraged to help!
Tournament Planning Meeting
1 p.m.  Sunday, May 2 (tomorrow!)
Edenwold Community Hall

We need volunteers!
Tournament=fundraising dollars
for OUR community groups
We need help planning for the tournament, preparing fields and on tournament day.
There's something for everyone!

We Need Your Help!


  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Referees/Linesmen
We need players for our 14 & Under team. If you know of someone who wants to play and hasn't registered yet, have them complete a registration form and submit it ASAP. A contact number can be found at the bottom of the form to arrange drop-off/submission.
We need coaches for our 6 & Under team, as well as an assistant coach for our 10 & Under team. If you or someone you know can help out, email us.Referees/Linesmen
If you're interested in reffing and you haven't already indicated your interest either on the sign-up form or through direct contact, please email us. All new refs are required to attend a reffing course that will be offered either in Regina or White City. Returning refs are also encouraged to re-take the course regularly, and may be required to do so from time to time.