A big thank you to the individuals and families who came out to help clean up the Sports Grounds on Sunday.

Thanks to:
  • Daryl, Jessie, Jordan, Justin and Josh W.
  • Nicky S.
  • Glenn and Reece F.
  • Kathy and Brook H.
  • Paula and Amanda K.
  • Christine and Regan G.
  • Anthony C., Tieran, Ireland, Callie, Tayler and Rylee,
  • Sandi, Sydney and Stuart H.
  • Scott and JC J.
  • Sherry, Ted and Austin N.
  • Belinda and Ryan W.
  • Dean and Luella J.
  • Lee, Chelsea and Jensen W. & Lindsay R.
If I've missed anyone, let me know. We really appreciate your help! Safe fields and clean and inviting grounds make the tournament more enjoyable for all.



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